ZIMRA customs have made some serious strides geared towards improving service delivery to the trading community. They have embarked on a new optic fibre cable project which will link all the major ports to the undersea cable in Mozambique through Beira, and SA through Beitbridge. This should be completed in three months and will definitely ease all the current network and connectivity issue.

The new Asycuda World & E-bill of Entry programme is progressing well with the automation of ports and the recent introduction of microwave links. Mr Happias Kuzvinzwa, the new commissioner of Customs, has introduced a number of changes within the customs organisation that will positively impact on client delivery. These changes are:

  • Electronic receipting of funds for duties and tax obligations with email or phone confirmations that will state if funds are received
  • Synchronisation of all payments at common counters, namely plant inspectors fees, third-part insurance, port health, and toll fees. This will be apportioned behind the scenes in order to reduce any inconveniences to businesses, traders and/or tourists
  • Border post infrastructure is currently under construction and in the process of introducing three traffic zones via commercial trucks, tourists, buses and small vehicles
  • The introduction of electronic access passes for reputable agents to extract bogus agents from entering the borders
  • The weigh-bridge to be relocated outside the main border control zone at Beitbridge
  • The removal of taxis parking zones from the customs area. The parking is planned to be resituated outside the control zones
  • The Forbes border will be renovated.