Choose the Best Shipping Method

When importing and exporting equipment, the two most commonly used modes of transportation are ocean freight and air freight. Each method has its pros and cons, and each are more suited to different types of gadgetry.

To decide which of the two methods you would end up using, keep in mind the number of pieces you are transporting, as well as their size, weight, the shipping distance and how soon you would need the goods to reach their destination.

large cargo shipTransporting by Ship

If you are transporting a considerable amount of hardware pieces, especially if they are large and heavy, ocean freight shipping would be the best option. It might take a little longer to reach its destination than flying it over, but it is more cost-efficient when transporting heavy pieces in bulk.

It would be difficult to transport heavy pieces on a plane because it might weigh down the vehicle and end up using a lot more fuel than a cargo ship, which is designed to carry heavy equipment. No matter where they are being shipped to, it will be much safer and more cost-effective to transport the goods on a ship.

Transporting by Planeair freighting

Alternatively, air freight is a great adjunct to ocean freight when transporting smaller pieces in smaller quantities. Air freight would definitely be more suited in this case because it is easier for planes to carry fewer goods while using less fuel. It is, of course, also much faster than ocean freight, which makes it the best choice for very time-sensitive cases.

Bear in mind, however, that even if you require heavy items to be transported post-haste, it might still be worthwhile to save some money and resources by sticking to ocean freight shipping. The costs will soar if you have to transport heavier items by air, as the plane will require a lot more fuel to carry the heavier cargo.

Follow the Right Procedures

Depending on the pieces you are looking to transport, the required paperwork and licensing may differ significantly. This is where a trusted freight forwarder shines – they can help you determine what documentation you need to begin transporting the pieces between various countries.

If a company transports equipment on their own, they are solely responsible for classifying the goods, arranging transport, dealing with customs and tracking the shipment. A freight forwarder will take care of these procedures on your behalf.

Packing Safely

packagingWhen transporting valuable items such as paintings, sculptures or chandeliers, it is important to have a company that will help you ship these goods safely. Ideally, you would want a company that understands the importance of safe and reliable relocation of these items.

Premium packing materials, such as quality cushioning for wrapping, custom wooden crates and foam chips to secure and cushion the items within the crates – for maximum protection are an essential part of the process.