What are Cobots?

Cobots are robotic creations with a core role in helping humans with everyday manual tasks in the workplace. These ‘collaborative robots’, as such, are tasked with handling the chores that impede human productivity or involve risk of injury.

Cobots were invented with the hope of affording both big and small companies the chance to improve the quality of every-day workflow as well as boost the morale of employees. Not only are they designed to improve efficiency, but also to improve security on different levels, including reliability, safety from human error and freedom from conflict.

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Why were Cobots Invented?

The idea that blossomed into the creation of Cobots was a simple one – to simplify the collaboration between humans and robots affordably. They are designed to be implemented into any pipeline that could use a boost in workflow and production.

Ultimately, their creation was designed to be integrated into the logistics pipeline since many of the everyday tasks carry the risk of injury to the employer and/or require many repetitive steps that decrease a human’s capacity for productivity.

How Would Cobots Benefit the Warehouse Logistics Pipeline?

Increase in Productivity

Have you ever had a job where you have to do the same little task a hundred times a day, and that is all you do? Many employees are impeded by the mind-numbing effect of menial labour – repetitive tasks can become draining, and as a result, are completed much more slowly than they should.

As part of their program, Cobots can be programmed to take over these medial tasks – such as loading and offloading cargo to and from containers, sorting freight or parcels of varying sizes and so forth. Laziness and boredom do not affect cobots, and as a result, these tasks get completed more sufficiently.

Cost Effectiveness

Even though the Cobots require an investment on your part, they quickly pay for themselves in productivity and decrease in errors. Naturally, you do not need to pay them for the labour, either, so in a year or two, you will already start to see the fruits of this investment.

Increase in Efficiency

Unfortunately, human error makes a big contribution to time wastage. At times, you might not even see an error you’ve made, overlooking some small detail, or were emotionally swayed by one thing or another.

Cobots are not affected by trivialities such as this, and can perform their functions promptly and error-free.

Decrease of Injuries

Some freight-related jobs require the employees to carry heavy loads or handling risky freight, which often results in an injury that the company would be liable for. Some Cobots are designed to perform these tasks instead. These are benefits to both the human employees since they are no longer at risk for injury, and the company owners since they can work on lowering injury statistics across the board.

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