In transit Cargo Handling

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Cargo arriving in South Africa destined for neighbouring countries can be moved efficiently at cost-effective rates. Dedicated freight has the resources, knowledge, and facilities to offer you effective solutions for the successful handling and transportation of your goods.

Freight Forwarding

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We’ve established solid relationships with various transportation companies across the world. These partnerships enable us to provide you with the best possible solution for ensuring the movement of your goods is optimised for cost, speed, and reliability.

Freight forwarding assist in documentation processing, transport and cargo consolidation. Regulations involved in the movement of specific goods and international trade laws that need to be adhered to before moving any cargo between two countries. It also involves arranging the movement from point of origin to your doorstep, which includes customs processing at origin with added advantage of payment being made in the destination country.


Secure import solutions.

Bringing in goods from outside your county can be a challenging task. Dedicated Freight operates with the most advanced approved customs software available to secure your import solutions. Our skilled and experienced team members are able to handle the complexities of global importing to ensure your cargo is safely and successfully transported to its required destination.


Secure export solutions.

Exporting your goods to a foreign destination can present complex challenges. Dedicated Freight operates with the most advanced approved customs software to secure your export solutions. With our competent staff members, solid global partnerships and resources available – your cargo exports will be a smooth and successful journey. With us, your cargo export journey will be smooth sailing.

Road Transport

Efficiency, from start to finish.

Ensuring your cargo’s successful delivery is our top priority. We facilitate the movement of your cargo from collection to final delivery.


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