It is that time of the year – the time to relax, unwind and spend some time with your loved ones, while ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ is blaring for the thousandth time. While standing around the braai, discussing the events of the year and the plans for Christmas Day, we must pay respect to Father Christmas’s logistics systems. He has always offered definitive day delivery, perfect customer service and 100% delivery accuracy ever since the dawn of time.

Over the peak season, most people move on to online purchasing, especially with the fiasco of Black Friday in the rear-view mirror. With that in mind, what are some ways you can maintain a steady flow of transport and avoid the struggles of the holidays?

cargo tracking tools1. Contact your agents in advance to avoid delays

In the case of most businesses, over the festive season, only a handful of employees will stay in-house to ensure that processes continue to run as expected. However, there are freight forwarding companies who close for business over the Christmas period.

This is why making your transport plans far in advance is highly recommended. If there are only a few employees keeping the business running for those few weeks, it would not be possible for them to have a package sorted and delivered to you when you only contact them a week before the day it is expected to be delivered, considering they are taking care of a hundred other orders that had been arranged months in advance.

At Dedicated Freight, we always keep our doors open, but we still suggest planning ahead to avoid any possible delays that might occur.

2. Have All the Necessary Documents Ready

A simple way to circumvent any unnecessary delays is to have all the necessary paperwork ready beforehand. There are many different documents to have ready when importing or exporting goods and they can become very overwhelming, especially with the stress of holiday planning on the horizon.

We specialise in helping you get these documents ready, so you can rest assured that all the paperwork will be taken care of and your transport process will go by much more smoothly.

3. Mind the Weather

During the last few weeks, we have been experiencing some unforeseeable and, at times, dangerous weathers. If you think about strong gusts of wind, heavy rains and raging seas, it is easy to understand how it can negatively affect and delay the logistics chain.

After all, if vehicles carrying precious cargo are hindered heavily by extreme weather, it would not be possible for them to traverse through conditions that are less than ideal. Subsequently, through no one’s fault, the shipping dates will be delayed.


We understand that during the festive season it is important for you to have your goods delivered on time, but luckily there are these and more ways for you to prevent any possible delays. It all comes down to efficient and effective planning, which is where we shine.

Our main focus is to ensure that our customers are prepared, come what may. We have your back.