When undertaking the shipping of your cargo to another country, the whole process can be understandably daunting. There is always a wide plethora of documentation required in addition to various other procedures, and you are simply expected to know how to navigate it. Here at Dedicated Freight, we relate to the fact that you require someone you can trust to lead you through the process, provide the necessary direction and who will be there when you need assistance.

When you enlist for our services, you will be assigned one of our friendly staff members to guide you through the heavy-lifting process. At the core of our company, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We adopt unique and fresh ways of doing things, with adeptness, timeliness and affordability as our goals. This means that with our combined collaboration, your shipment will receive the best care that it can. We treat your shipment as though it were our own, ensuring that it reaches its destination safely and within a reasonable time frame, regardless of whether it is transported by road, railway or plane.

Various factors need to be taken into consideration when you decide to transport your shipment. The chief in this would be that different certificates will be required by different countries. These certificates are issued as a result of trade agreements that we (South Africa) have with individual countries around the world.


4 Documents Required for a Quotation

  1. Commercial invoice: a legal document between you (the customer) and the supplier that offers more information on the shipment including payments, date of payment, etc.
  2. Packing List: this document entails more information about the contents of the shipment.
  3. Bill of Lading: a list of the products within the shipment which you will receive from the master of the ship.
  4. Trade Agreement Certificate (where applicable): For trade within a selection of southern African countries, a South African Development Community (SADC) certificate, which is used to expand socio-economic relations, in addition to political and security relations among 16 southern African countries. Alternatively, for example, trade within European countries requires an EUR1 certificate.

In the absence of the aforementioned documents, we will require a proforma invoice, alternatively the weight, commodity, size and value of the shipment in order to provide an estimate.

As part of the service of the best import and export solutions, one of our highly skilled and accredited team of professionals undertake to provide you with the highest quality of standards. Twenty-five years in the industry have equipped us with all the necessary tools to make this intimidating process feel like a walk in the park.

We have a passion for what we do, and as such, we strive to promote company growth. Due to our vast global presence and experience, we can provide a solution for all of your importing and exporting requirements, providing you with personalised service and ensuring unmatched assistance every step of the way.