Advancements that are Influencing the Supply Chain

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Advancements that are Influencing the Supply Chain

Dedicated Freight is a Customs Clearing and International Freight Forwarding company that is fully aware of the technological age we are in and understands that change is inevitable. As a result, we, along with people, are discovering new ways of doing things more efficiently and effectively on a daily basis. This innovation was always bound to leak into the transportation industries. Combine that with the ever-advancing economic global changes and it makes for some pretty drastic evolution.

While improved technology is not a bad thing, it does mean that the industries affected by them may need to rethink their strategies to accommodate these new changes, especially considering these changes are a widespread phenomenon that affects multiple strands of the supply chain simultaneously.

We’ve assessed some of the more common and easily recognised driving forces of these changes. They are as follows:

Driverless Technology

The first name that comes to most people’s minds here is Tesla – they are quickly gaining traction with their research into AI technology. They are already in the process of testing some of the self-driving trucks that they have developed and pushed the boundaries of how far these vehicles can drive without any supervision.

Considering the shortage of vehicle drivers, this technology is quickly becoming popular, and AI-powered companies are eager to guide their businesses toward full automation. However, this kind of radical change is quite a way from fruition, despite more and more companies pursuing it – Embark and Starsky Robotics are also striving for a fully automated future.

While those bigger companies perfect their crafts, smaller-scaled changes are also underway such as aerial delivery by drone. Amazon is the leading expert in this, but more and more logistics companies implement the practice for faster delivery and bigger savings.

digitalization of traffic

Last-Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery is the point of a product’s delivery process where the package finally arrives on the buyer’s doorstep. It is the most inefficient part of the supply chain due to lacking delivery points or traffic congestion or all manner of other issues that delay the couriers. So, logistics companies have been cornered into determining effective ways of solving this problem.

Enter, Amazon. Once again, they pioneer practices that satisfy their enormous customer base. They have placed their goods at easily-accessible places that are close to potential customers to eliminate the congestion issue. Not to mention, as stated before, their introduction of drone delivery.

Internet of Things

IoT refers to the practice of implementing a system of machines with personalised identifiers that have the ability to transfer data over a network without the need for human-to-human, or human-to-machine interaction, into the pipeline. Logistics have been one of the industries to welcome the practice most openly.

Data captured by IoT is more reliable and offers a more insightful understanding of each link in the supply chain. It does not involve human error and does not slack. It offers accurate data, all the time, thereby improving the supply chain’s intelligence.

Some IoT systems also offer features that optimize the logistics chain, such as the ability to monitor the temperature throughout a shipment to maintain the quality of perishable goods/pharmaceutics. Others can detect pressure, humidity and light exposure, all of which provide vital information regarding the products being shipped.


While all these changes are indeed inevitable, we are concerned that this may have a tremendous effect on every day life. Such as employment, households, families and how technologies will replace their designed vocations in the industry. However, here at Dedicated Freight, we always look for ways to further our services by striving for a harmonious partnership between man and machine. Because we believe that as the world evolves and changes, it is the company’s responsibility to adapt so to guarantee our clients satisfaction and trust.

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